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WebQuest Direct has created several WebQuests for Australian school students including

  • Career WebQuest Designed for students in Years 10 - 12 investigating career options. In the first challenge of this WebQuest, students have to, after investigating profiles of their clients, as a team allocate the most suited career. In the second challenge, students are shown some life hiccups that will happen to their clients and are asked to find the most suited career to cope with that hiccup. And, in the third challenge, students are to look at their own profile but within the team come up with the most suited careers.
  • The Petrov Affair - A Nation in Fear Designed for students in Years 9 - 12 studying Australian History, the role of Communism, and the Petrov Affair (1954).
  • The Prophets - Reminders of our Moral Conscience in the Bible and Today Designed for students in Year 6 studying Religious Education and Social Studies.
  • Can you get the Party started? Designed for students in Years 3 - 4, this WebQuest explores the different cultural backgrounds and the needs of students to celebrate a party.
  • Community Shopping Centre Planner is an integrated WebQuest for students in Years 5 - 8 covering mathematics, technology and design as well as SOSE. Students are to use the Australian Bureau of Statistics to review the cultural groups within their local community and then investigate whether the local shopping centre caters adequately for the needs of the community.
  • Champions of Justice WebQuest, A Human Rights Web Quest for students in Years 5 - 8
  • Federator WebQuest: An Australian Federation Web Quest with a twist! . This web quest is for students in Years 9-10. It looks at the bigger question of the effects of Federation on today's Australian society.
  • Gold Force WebQuest: This is an Australian WebQuest for students in Year 5 to be used as a pre-Gold Rush Activity. It looks at the importance of gold through history, its economic and social importance.

WebQuest Direct has also developed an educational resource:

  • On the Job, is aimed at students in the Middle School, and explores Careers. It contains games, activities, links to a number of careers and encourages parents to submit their job or career.

We are currently developing webquests based on Philosophy for Children in conjunction with a Primary School.

Professional Development and Consultancy

WebQuest Direct conducts Professional Development Days on the following topics:

  • WebQuests and How to Use Them in the Classroom
  • What is a WebQuest?
  • WebQuests and the Secondary Classroom
  • WebQuests and the Primary Classroom
  • ICTs in the Classroom
  • How to Create a Great School Website

If you need any assistance with PD, school web sites or any other related Internet concerns please don't hesitate to contact us.

Frances Moore, B.A (Biological Sciences, Macq.Uni), Dip.Ed (UNE)
Managing Director,
Educational Consultant
WebQuest Direct 
Email: info@webquestdirect.com.au
Phone: + 61 2 6292 3211

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