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WebQuest Direct Key Personnel

Frances Moore, B.A (Biological Sciences), Macq Uni, Dip.Ed UNE
Managing Director, WebQuest Direct
Educational Consultant

Frances has attained Senior Executive level status in Teaching and has over 15 years experience as a teacher and lecturer.  Frances' understanding of the needs of teachers has greatly influenced the development of WebQuest Direct.

She taught Science, Mathematics and Religious Education (1985 - 1989) and was later a Science Co-ordinator (1990-1993) at Marist College Canberra, Australia. After this time, Frances held an Executive position as an Assistant Principal (Curriculum and Assessment) at St.Clare's College (1994 - 1997). From 1997 - 1999, Frances lectured at the University of Canberra. Frances gives lectures to the Educational students during the year showing them how to create a WebQuest. 

Utilising her background in education, Frances has consulted and continues to consult in projects involving the use of technologies and education. These projects include the development of interactive web sites including the New South Wales Secondary Principals' Conference website, virtual schools, the training of participants and project managing specific tenders.

Frances is the main Visionary and Instigator of Educational Service Products and it was at her instigation that WebQuest Direct was conceived in 2000.  

As Managing Director of WebQuest Direct, Frances is responsible for Educational Consultancy matters, the creation of WebQuests:

and providing Professional Learning sessions for teachers and schools. She works with individual schools developing their skills in implementing WebQuests.

She is also a regular presenter at Educational Conferences on WebQuests, ICTs in the Classroom and their implementation and applicability to Quality Teaching Strategies, Rich Tasks and Productive Pedagogy.

Frances produces, with other team members, the Fortnightly WebQuest Direct Primary and Secondary Newsletters, and oversees the Educational Services Team who review all the WebQuests placed on the WebQuest Direct Database.

The Educational Services Team - Reviewers of WebQuest Direct

This team consists of all active Teachers, Teacher-Librarians or Educational Consultants (13 in total) who review and make active the webquest records for Webquest Direct.

Two subject specific teachers eg. LOTE (Languages Other Than English) teachers, translate and review webquests created in other languages (Spanish, Portugese and French). These LOTE webquests have both the LOTE language and English in their description as a help for teachers.

We also have some who are specialist teachers of students of NESB (Non English Speaking Background), who can identify interesting webquests for students who require literacy support.

This team is trained and follow strict guidelines in evaluating, describing and allocating webquests in the Directory. To find out more about the criteria and rating system, click here.

Process of Finding and Reviewing Webquests

All our reviewing team are qualified and practising Teachers/Educational Consultants with years of teaching experience.

WebQuest Direct has a team who go out to the Internet and search for webquests. These webquests are then placed on a database as inactive until our team of teachers reviews each webquest, giving each an educational rating based on the higher order thinking skills present and a clear description of the task and process. Each webquest is also categorised into Key Learning Areas (or multiple KLAs), Year Levels, and Country of Origin. Strict guidelines are followed in reviewing these webquests.


If you would like to know more about WebQuest Direct, please email us: info@webquestdirect.com.au

In conjunction with  creating WebQuests, we offer consultancy services. To learn about these services, click here.

Internet Educational Awards
webaward2001c.gif (16671 bytes)"On the Job"  received the "Golden Web Award 2001 - 2002" from the International Association of Web Masters & Designers

On the Job, an Educational web site, received a 2001 - 2002 Gold Web Award from the International Association of Web Masters & Designers.

This site is a careers web site for students in the middle school (Years 5 - 8). Students are able to play a detective game, carry out fun activities - both offline and online - investigate information about each career. Parents and the community can submit their career to the site!

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