We have seen a whole lot of reality TV shows in the last few years – but all of them are directed at adults.

Producers at a local TV station are wondering if students could be involved in an Enterprise Reality Show called “My Business Rules!”. They have been supported by local business people but they are not sure whether this would be a great show or not.

You are the guinea pigs… the school students that will show whether or not students can undertake a business venture.

The Producers have heard about a group of students in Year 5/6 in Western Australia, who call themselves, the Broomites, who did undertake to create their own business producing tidal charts for fishermen in Broome. They raised money for children with cancer to come and rest in beautiful Broome.

But can this venture be repeated? Is it possible for young adults to create and operate a business? How many young adults would be interested in seeing how to start and make a business flourish on a TV reality show? Would there be enough interest for sponsorship?

You are endeavouring to show them that this is possible!

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