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You are going to start an exciting new business venture! But remember, this is a competition and so at various points, there will be VOTING! and scores will be taken! You will know when you (and sometimes your families, schools and friends can do this too!) have to vote by this icon:

Now you can commence............

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Process Steps:

Forming Groups


Product Selection

What's in a Name?


How to use the Journal


What's in a Name? (cont).



Role Selection - introduction

Information about Roles

Logo Design

Business Plans


Mission and Vision Statement


Creating a Motto

Designing Your Own Business Cards


Business Marketing - Planning


Lease agreement? and Relationship with AES

Market Power: Who do I sell to? Where will I sell? Regional? NSW? Australia? Internationally?


Profit Margin and Accurate Accounting System




Protecting your IP


Revisiting the Business Plan to Grow your business



Meeting Room Steps:


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It is assumed that students will conduct a Meeting each 6 weeks where successful business people will present their stories and provide mentoring help to the students.

Business Survey Questionnaire - information


"My Business Rules Association" meeting

"My Business Rules Association" meeting

Tutorial - How to use PowerPoint to make Presentations


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