This WebQuest has been funded through a grant by the Australian Department of Education,  Science and Training (DEST).

Creation and Development of this WebQuest

WebQuest Direct was commissioned to create this WebQuest to encourage Enterprise Education within the indigenous student population in Moree, NSW, Australia.

WebQuest Direct created and developed the content of this WebQuest.

WebQuest Direct used two graphic designers to develop this WebQuest - Nathan Ahearne of Ulysses Design, Canberra ACT; and, Louise Grant of Ringtail FineArts, Melbourne.



Target Group: Students in Years 7 – 8. However, this WebQuest could easily be adapted for students in Years 5 - 6.

Lesson Plan

This plan was developed by Educational Consultant, Frances Moore of WebQuest Direct.


This is a long-term WebQuest lasting for approximately one year and has been built around having students attend the Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) in Moree on a weekly basis for 1.5 - 2 hours each week with some sessions lasting a whole day during the school holidays.

Number of hours approximately 100 - 120 hours.

Motivation of Students

Students need to be keen to be part of a business enterprise. They will be creating their own product, a small discreet product.

To encourage students, teachers need to be aware that there is a parallel program involving the Business Mentors from the Chamber of Commerce.

This program is to be organised so that students are given successful business venture stories from successful business people. It is intended that students would hear from business people every 6 weeks.

If you intend to use this WebQuest for your classes, it is suggested that you also organise the input of your Chamber of Commerce or Business People within your area.

Some information has been given in the Meeting Place area of the WebQuest.


Monies acquired
To be kept in a trust fund or for the students to collectively, at their business association meeting, to decide on where the proceeds are to be distributed.

Teacher's Resources

Standards and Outcomes


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