Internet Basics

Internet Basics - Tutorial

Email Basics - Tutorial

All Experts Excel Q&A- Volunteer experts answer online and emailed questions about Excel. Free.

If the students have any questions about Excel, you might use this service. Please do not give students this site for safety reasons.

PowerPoint Tutorial 2002 (XP)

Lesson and Activities using Adobe Photoshop

Teachers will need to have a range of Indigenous Dreaming Stories available from the Library or in the Classroom.

Shopping Bag Team

The ABC has a video called Take on Technology - Episode 4 which looks at bags and their uses.

Cookbook Team

The following links have lesson plans, sequencing and resources required:

The following is a paper:

The following could be used by students as a template for collecting information about each of the plants and their uses:

Inspirational Speakers:

Morganics: Hip hop performer

Bronwyn Bancroft: Artist and Illustrator

BIG hART - Film and Video Production


Warwick Thornton - Best Short Film Berlin Film Festival

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