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Real Life Career Stories

To give you an idea of some real stories, click here - they make interesting reading!

Real Career Samples

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Career FAQs - Success Stories

Real World Feedback

1. Talk to your parents or carers or family members about their careers

2. Note down the following:
a. What were they trained to do (or were they trained at all?)
b. Did they change their career path or did they stay in the same job for most of their careers?
c. If they changed careers, why?
d. Did they have any "Hiccups" that caused them to rethink their chosen career?
e. If they changed careers, did they require re-training?

3. ACU's Equity Pathways has another Web-based activity for students in Years 5 - 8 called "On the Job". If you have found your investigation into your parents, carers or family interesting, you might encourage them to fill out the "Life of the Job" form so that these students can read their career story.


You have had many chances at being the "Apprentice" in a real and significant way during this WebQuest!

Hopefully you will see that there are many life choices and careers that you will take on over the course of your work-life.

Your teacher will decide which team completed the tasks within this WebQuest in the most satisfactory way - that team will be declared the appointed Junior Executives of Australian Careers Consultant Company, Maximum Potential Career Consultants Pty Ltd!

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