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Part 1: Maximum Potential Career Consultants Pty Ltd.

1. Maximum Potential Career Consultants Pty Ltd have asked all the potential candidates for the new job of Junior Executive (that is you), to form teams. Form into teams of four students.

Remember ... every step of the way, you are being watched and assessed. The process however, unlike some TV Games Shows, is open. You might like to view the Evaluation page now before you start!

2. To test your ability to be a leader within the company, Maximum Potential Career Consultants Pty Ltd has decided to present you with five client profiles (students in Years 11 - 12) in order for you, as a team, to come up with the best careers for these clients.

3. There are four divisions within the company:


VET (Vocational Education and Training) 



Higher Study at a Certificate or Diploma Level (excluding VET)


Open Employment


Those consultants who look after careers in each division firmly believes that their perspective and choice of careers are the best ones.

4. The challenge set by the company is that each team will reflect the divisions within the company.

Each team will need to allocate a division to each member:

Role 1: this person promotes Trade careers,

Role 2: this person promotes University careers,

Role 3: this person promotes TAFE/CIT careers, and,

Role 4: this person promotes Employment careers.

Decide now within your team who will take on each role.

5. Each team member will research, from their role perspective, the best three career choices for five student clients.

Each team member is to review the 5 client profiles, work out their most suited career from their perspective and present their ideas to the team.

The company, however, wants each team to reach consensus about each of the 5 clients career choices  - this means that each role will have to defend their perspective but reach a decision together about the three best choices for the client.

As a team, then you have reduce the number of career choices from 12 down to 3 for each client.

Individually and as a Team, you will also have to give advice to each client.

You will have to recommend what skills, talents and study that will need to be developed further. You might also need to recommend other qualifications or work experience. 

Click here to obtain the Worksheet to fill out for each client. Remember to staple these sheets together so they can be handed in for Assessment.

6. Each team is to obtain their client profiles below. 

If at any stage you come across an acronym (a word formed by letters eg. ADFA), please go to the Glossary for help.

Team 1


Team 2

Team 3


Team 4

Team 5


Team 6


7. After researching and deciding as a team which are the best 3 careers for each of your "clients", the team have to present their findings (after Part 2 - Life's Hiccups) and show justifications to the Senior Management Panel (the class).

The Presentation is to consist of a Prezi or PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 12 slides for the team. Each team member is to present their section of the presentation.

Get this presentation ready to this point...

Part 2: Life's Hiccups

When you have finished the Challenges in Part 1, go to Part 2.

Emergency   OR Win

8. Presentation - each team is to present their findings and assessments of their clients!

The Presentation is to: Prezi Logo

  • Introduce each client
  • Explain the career choices given to the client
  • Present the justifications of the final three career choices
  • Present the teams Recommendations and Advice
  • Show the new careers that might arise from Life's Hiccups
  • Allow for questions by the Senior Management Panel

Remember you will be assessed on this part of the WebQuest. To revisit the evaluation rubric, click here.


9. Submit your findings and justifications to your Teacher for Assessment.

How did your team go? Will they have to put together better in the next round?

Part 3: Self Assessment

When you have completed the Task in Part 2, go to the final task in Part 3.


10. When you have completed all three Parts of the Process, proceed to the Conclusion.

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