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This WebQuest was created by WebQuest Direct (Frances Moore and her team) and was funded initially by a grant from the Australian Capital Territory Department of Education - Training and Adult Education - Careers Transition Section for implementation by St. Francis Xavier College.

SFX College's Principal, Angus Tulley, has handed over rights to this WebQuest in 2011 to the Australian Catholic University to develop further especially for the University's Equity Pathways area. 


The target learners for this WebQuest are students in Years 10 - 12 investigating careers and their own career path.


This WebQuest is expected to take 10 - 12 lessons of one hour each to complete.

It also requires that the students complete work outside the classroom lessons.

Materials Required:

  • Computers with Internet connection - one per team
  • Classroom configuration for teams of four (not in the Computer Lab)
  • Print off the Career Suggestions Proforma - one for each client
  • Print off the Client Profile Template - one for each student
  • A pair of Dice available for each team to use in Life's Hiccups


There are 3 sections to this WebQuest:

1. Investigating the "clients"
2. Re-looking at the decisions of careers based on Life's Hiccups
3. Self-Assessment

Lesson Planning

N.B. For the successful implementation of this WebQuest with your class, you need to read through the whole of the WebQuest before commencing this WebQuest with the class.

Lesson Number Activities
Lesson 1 A. Introduce students to the concepts of this WebQuest:

a. It is about encouraging Higher Order Thinking Skills
b. Involves Collaboration - the students are to work in the same group of four students throughout the WebQuest
c. It involves Problem-Based Learning (PBL) - the "clients" can be considered as real people investigating their career choices

B. Take students through the whole WebQuest - especially the Evaluation rubric.

C. Break students into groups of 4 and allocate their roles - University Advisor; TAFE Advisor; Employment Advisor; or, VET Advisor.
   They are to maintain this role throughout the course of the WebQuest.

   Allocate their teams:
Team 1


Team 2

Team 3


Team 4

Team 5


Team 6


D. Commence looking at the "Client Profiles" within their team - there are 5 clients within each team. Students are to read through all their "clients" as homework.
Lesson 2 Resources: Students are to investigate all the resources pertaining to their particular role. This will give them a better idea of the depth and scope of the resources available so they can more effectively work out appropriate careers for their "clients".
Lesson 3 a. Client 1: Each team member is to research through their role's resources and come up with 3 career choices based on that role.
b. In their Team, each role is to individually go through their assessment of this client and share their choices of 3 careers amongst themselves noting down their evaluation and reasoning.
c. As a Team, they are to select the careers that are the best fit for their client. They are to note down how they arrived at their conclusions.
d. Write up their notes and start creating a Presentation (Prezi or PPT)
e. Homework: Next Client Profile
Lesson 4 Client 2: Repeat as per Client 1.
Lesson 5 Client 3: Repeat as per Client 1
Lesson 6 Client 4: Repeat as per Client 1
Lesson 7 Client 5: Repeat as per Client 1 except Homework: Collate these initial findings into either a PPT or Prezi presentation. You will need to add the findings from Part 2 - Life's Hiccups before the final presentation.
Lesson 8 Life's Hiccups: Students are to use the dice to select a Life's Hiccup for their client. They are to re-assess, if necessary, the choices that they have made based on this change in their client's life. Each client is to be re-assessed.

Homework: Students are to work together to finish their Presentation.
Lesson 9 Self-Assessment: Students are to fill out the template for themselves. They are to then share with their other team members this profile. Each team member will assume their role (University, Trades, VET, or Employment) to recommend 3 careers.
Lessons 10 - 12 Presentations on their Team "Clients". The Class as the Senior Management Team are to evaluate the presentations. It will be up to you as to how this will be conducted - eg. whether they are to go further and also provide a presentation on their own Self-Assessment or not.


Standards and Outcomes

This WebQuest complies with NSW Board of Studies Career Outcomes and Australian National Outcomes.

.... the four main elements of Career Education as:

Learning about self in relation to work

Learning about the world of work

Learning to make career plans and pathway decisions

Learning the skills required to implement career decisions and manage work/study transitions

(NSW Board of Studies - A Statement of Career Education Outcomes Years 7 - 12)

Careers Education Quality Framework

The Careers Education Quality Framework (CEQF) assists schools to review and improve their career education programs.

The CEQF describes the elements that are involved in quality career education programs.

The Framework comprises seven checklists and a scoring system that will allow you to put together a profile of your school's career education program.

The Framework is designed as a practical tool to:

  • assess career education programs; and
  • develop action plans for improvement.

Download a PDF copy of the Framework PDF Document symbol (585kb).

Australian Blueprint for Career Development

Blueprint for Career Development


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