Champions Of Justice
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Plan Of Attack
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Time For Action




CJ announces to the group that your mission is to

  • investigate the Rights of the Child from different perspectives
  • design an art work or cartoon about the children and their situation,
  • create a puppet play, song, commercial or pantomime about your Rights of the Child, and, 
  • decide how you can help make a difference, how you can assist the 'Champions of Justice'! in your part of the world.


1. Divide into partners and brainstorm what a ‘Right of the Child’ could mean. Write down your ideas using Wordle.


2. Write down a list of rights you have in Australia on this "A Web Whiteboard".

Which rights are most important to you and why? Do all children in Australia have the same rights? If not, who are they? Why not? Write down your thoughts!

3. The Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN General Assembly Resolution 1386 (XIV) on 10 December 1959. Investigate these Rights and write down any questions you might have about these rights.

4. Your class will be divided up into four teams. Select one below and see your particular mission:  









5. Once you have investigated your Right of the Child from different perspectives or roles, you will debate your question. Individually, you will create an art work from your perspective or role and be prepared to show it to the class.

As a group, you will write a play or song, commercial or pantomime.

It is time to PERFORM!

You might be able to perform at a school or class assembly inviting your parents to the performance. Don't forget to think about videoing your performance!

6. Now, as a class, it is time to use all the knowledge you have gained from your investigations and hold a Children's Parliament.

The Children's Parliament, UK explains all about Children's Parliament.

Children's Parliament UK


See what happened in one Children's Parliament: Children's Parliament: 1997 CHOGM International Children's Summit: YouTube:


Review the State of the World's Children.....

State of the World's Children

7. Decide what Right(s) you feel needs to be protected at school, in the wider community or in the world. If you were a Champion of Justice, who would you help? Why?

Prepare a case to present your view to your Children's Parliament.

8. Decide how you can make a difference at your school - go to the Time for Action. 

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