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You have always been a cynical sort of person, a non believer, a sceptic. It is hard for you to understand the obsession your little brother has for super heroes. "As if anyone could fly!" you exclaim, throwing down the most recent edition of 'The Amazing Adventures of Captain Zap'

It occurs to you that no one ever seems to focus on the real problems in the world. If you ever had the chance, you would certainly make some changes, but what would they be, how can you make a difference when there is so much social injustice in the world?

You flop onto the bed and realise you have landed on another one of your brother's stupid comic books, "Champions of Justice!", you read aloud flipping open the slightly crumpled cover.

The last thing you remember before you blank out is a strange, shrinking sensation. Opening your eyes, you blink blearily around you, trying to focus on your surroundings.


You are startled as a strange person in a blue suit leaps out of no where, "Good grief!" you cry, realising at once that this person is one of the Champions of Justice and that you are inside the comic book!

The man in the blue suit takes you to a large meeting place where you are introduced to the rest of the Champions of Justice and and strangely enough, some of your classmates!

The Head of the Organisation, known only as CJ, is speaking to you all about a topic you have never heard of before... the Rights of the Child.

CJ quotes from Nelson Mandela, a world leader of the Global Movement for Children and their Rallying Call back in 2001 (but still relevant today):

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"In every child who comes into the world, the hopes and dreams of the human race are born anew.

Children are the bearers of our common future - a future that is in our hands as never before. For the world has the knowledge, the resources and the legal imperatives to give every child the best possible start in life, in a family environment that offers the love, the care and the nurturing that children need to grow, to learn - and to develop to the fullest.

The entire community of nations acknowledged as much when they embraced the Convention on the Rights of the Child - and vowed, in 1990, to fulfil the goals of the World Summit for Children.
These obligations must be met, not only by governments, but by all of us. (CJ emphasises)

Yet in this new Millennium, it is clear that more - much more - must be done if the world is to protect the rights and meet the needs of all children.

That is why we, as citizens of every nation and members of families, communities, and civil society organizations of every kind, hereby resolve to help mobilize a Global Movement for Children - an unstoppable crusade to end, at long last, the poverty, ill health, violence and discrimination that have needlessly blighted and destroyed so many young lives.

Our determination is rooted in the knowledge that in furthering the best interests of children, the most effective actions must come from within the context of our own lives and hearts, and from listening to children and young people themselves.
As members of the human family, each of us is responsible. All of us are accountable." (CJ ends with a flurry!)

Global Movement for Children website
Global Movement for Children

You need to be more informed.... the man in blue directs you to investigate further.

"What is happening in the world? What don't you know about the issues facing other children and young adults?"

He leads you to .......

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