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Welcome my Fiery Friends! Your team (of about 6-8 students) will
  • investigate one Right of the Child (Number 9 - Child Labor) from different perspectives
  • design an art work or cartoon about the children and their situation,
  • create a puppet play, song, commercial or pantomime about your Rights of the Child

You will then use the information you have gathered to share ideas with members from the other class teams.


1. Compare your ideas of what the Rights of the Child mean with those of the other members of your group.

2. Go to the The United Nations' Rights of the Child page and
investigate Number 9.

3. Read it as a group, discuss what it means and rewrite it in your own words - either in Wordle or on "A Web Whiteboard". You might need to have a dictionary handy or use the online dictionary and Wikipedia.)

4. To investigate the Right of the Child (Number 9 - Child Labor), you need to each take on different perspectives or roles (some of you might have to double up) - become that perspective or role even if you personally disagree with it.

Each perspective or role reflects what different groups around the world and here in Australia think.

The Perspectives or Roles are:

A. Child Labourer

B. NGO Worker

C. Villager or Parents of Child

D. Person/Company using Child Labourers

E. Activist Organisation Worker

F. Child Activist

child_labour.jpg (5269 bytes)

5. Work out which person will take on which perspective or role and then use the Resources listed below for each perspective to answer the question (s):

Should there be Child Labor? Why? or Why Not?

There are 3 positions you could take:

Children shouldn't work
Children need to work (so their families can survive)
Children do work (so have something to say)
(Source: Tim Moore, PhD student, ACU)

REMEMBER: Take a particular stance on this question depending on how you think your perspective would act or believe.



Child Labourer

YouTube Video: 10-year-old Jahangir, who works in a sweltering glass factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for less than 50p a day. There are more than three million child labourers in Bangladesh, and because more than 80 per cent of Bangladeshis live on around £1 a day, families would go hungry without the money children earn.

Break the Cycle of Poverty: YouTube

Break the cycle of poverty


NGO Worker

World Vision

World Vision

Fairtrade - Australia & NZ




Villager or Parents of Child Labourer 

The Hindi: “Parents remain obstacles to eradicating child labour”

The Hindi - News report

Wikipedia: Child Labour

Child Slaves in Asia 



Person or Company using Child Labourers

The Dark Side of Chocolate: Slavery in the Chocolate Industry: YouTube Video:

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Anti-Slavery: Why is Forced Labour My Business?

Anti-Slavery Business





Activist Organisation Worker:

International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC)


Global Movement for Children

Global Movement for Children

ILO – Youth Employment Network

ILO Youth Employment Network





Child Activist

A School for Iqbal

A School for Iqbal

Freedom Hero

Freedom Hero

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai: Wikipedia

Malala Yousafzai - Wikipedia

Free the Children

Free the Children



6. Debate/Discussion: Should there be Child Labor? Why? or Why Not?

Each of you are to contribute to this debate from your perspective.

Come to consensus about the Questions and be ready to explain them to the rest of the class.


After you have debated your question, you are to create a piece of art work and a play, song or commercial about your Right and the issues surrounding it. Remember, it is important to show the complexities of this issue (there are many sides and people have different views).


  • design an art work or cartoon about the children and their situation,
  • create a puppet play, song, commercial or pantomime about your Rights of the Child

Each student is to create their own art work or cartoon about the children and their situation from your perspective.

Together, as a team, you are to create a puppet play, song, commercial or pantomime about your Rights of the Child.

You can stay in your perspective or role.  

Your team must cover the following duties (so you need to allocate two people to each duty):

Writer - your job is to create the script for the puppet play; or, the theme for the song; or the words for the commercial or pantomime.

Designer - your job is to create the backdrop for the puppet play; or, commercial or pantomime. If your group decides to create a song, you need to design the CD cover for it.

Performers - your job is to covert the script into a creative piece of work!

Ideas Contributor/Director – you need to be creative and think of ideas and direct the performance.


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"We cannot waste our precious children. Not another one, not another day. It is long past time for us to act on their behalf."

Nelson Mandela and Graça Machel

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