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Just when you think its time for the Champions of Justice to use some superpowers and rectify the problems you have investigated, everything fades away and you find yourself back on your bed. Was it all just a dream? Your head aches, you remember things. You have learnt so much that it seems as though it has to be real. You scramble around, trying to find the comic and find it on the floor. How did it turn out? What was the ending? You turn to the last page. The page is blank!

You flick through the other pages of the comic book only to discover the story is exactly the same as your "dream". You decide to finish off the last page of the comic yourself to share your new found knowledge with others. After all, the more awareness you create about the Rights of the Child the better!

But what else can you do about these Rights, in your school? in Australia? in the World?

One school, Broadmeadows Middle School, USA, has started a web site about one Right of the Child, against Child Labour. Have a look at the web site, "The Kids Campaign to Build a School for Iqbal - A bullet can't kill a dream".

Find out what the Global Movement for Children is doing to help children around the world and work out how you and your school can become involved.

The United Nation's Children's Fund, UNICEF, has information about the Special Session on Children (2002). Investigate this web site to see what you can do.

List ways in which you and your class can help achieve the Rights of the Child in your school and for the world. Read Put Children First

There is a list of websites that "Take Action". Click here to find out.

Just as a Champion of Justice cannot save everyone, you cannot help everyone. But you can make a significant improvement to the lives of some and and by raising awareness in others.

Come On Australian Children....Hold your Children's Parliament and decide what your class can do to help the children around the world who need your help! Form an action plan and put it into action.

If you would like to send, to us, your video of your performance, photographs from your role play or what you have decided to do to "Take Action" for the Rights of the Child, we will display them on this web site every few months so the world will know that Australian children CARE!

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