F-900s Group

You have been selected as the group (4 - 5 students) who are to become the F-900s!

Do not let the other groups know you belong to this group!




You look and sound like the rest of the class most of the time....BUT you are cyborgs - cybernet intruders - very clever robots who belong to Skynet

Others think of you as notorious robotic chaos criminals - cyborgs similar to the Terminator! and you are!

You are all different and have different abilities! Each one of you is to make up your own profile to be revealed at the end in a presentation! This profile is to consist of your name, skills, and any other interesting facts!

Your Mission

Your mission is to assess everything positive about Federation so you can show how you would destroy it whilst magnifying all that is negative. You will do this by investigating the journey to Federation and Federation itself and assess how you could exacerbate the jealousies and conflicts between the Colonies!

You are also to investigate the problems around the Commonwealth of Australia and the States and Territories today! There are many!!!!

You will participate as another team until the end.... but all the time thinking about the information you have heard to provide a presentation about what you would do to disrupt Federation (or will you need to???)! The presentation will also include what you would do today to inflame these old jealousies!


Challenge 1

As with the other groups, you are to research all aspects of the journey to Federation particularly the conflicts between States, their various concerns and jealousies!

Variation to Challenge 1!

Carry out Task 1 as the other groups but in Task 2, you have an additional load. Each one of you is to research one aspect. That is... you have to do all the research.

You will also have to share with each other in your group so you are united and strong!

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Challenge 2: I vs 100


Variation to Challenge 2

Remember you are NOT to reveal yourselves so you have to do the best you possibly can in this challenge.

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Challenge 3: Point of View Forum

You now are an expert on Federation! The class is to conduct a Point of View Forum to look at Federation in a deeper way and to see the issues and problems of Federation as the F-900 would see them.

Point of View Forum (similar to SBS's Insight) has a number of people involved - some experts on the topic and, people who have had personal experiences on the issue or topic.


This challenge will be an important part of your assessment! At this stage, the other students will be trying to find out who are the F-900s so watch your step!

To take part in the Point of View Forum, click here!

Challenge 4: Paper

Individually, you are to write a short paper/essay. Click here to find out the topic!


Go now to the Completion.... will the F-900s be able to put a crack into the notion of Federation - can you still see the effects today? F-900s you are to reveal your ideas!