Activity Beginning Developing Expert
Task 1 - Research (10 Qs each)

Short Story or Poem

Simple Qs - no challenge

Shows some understanding of the research undertaken

Shows an embryonic to basic understanding of the issues involved

Some simple and some more complex Qs

Shows understanding of some of the issues involved

Portrays an understanding of the issues involved
Complex, interesting, & challenging Qs

Shows real insight into the issues and complexities


Portrays a deep understanding of the issues involved

Task 2 - 1 vs 100

Diary entries
Create a timeline
Create a montage

Game Show

Produced a rudimentary diary, timeline or montage



Was eliminated early in the show, showed little enthusiasm for the event

Produced a creative diary or a well constructed timeline with numerous entries, or, a creative montage

Was eliminated in the middle to end of the show, dressed in character and was fully involved
Produced an outstanding diary, complex timeline or extraordinary montage



Was eliminated towards the end of the show, wonderful costume, and was fully involved

Task 3 - Point of View Was involved but showed limited knowledge or their character Fully involved and showed that research was conducted Completely involved, showed their expertise and passion for their character
Task 4 - Essay Showed some ideas about the issues and people involved and the consequences for today Portrayed a very good understanding of the complexity of issues and people and how this is carried on today Excellent portrayal of the issues, people and the consequences for today - great grasp of the history of  Federation!