Mission Objective

Mission Objective for most of you!

Your challenge is to use the same technology and go back to around the time of Australia's Federation (before 1901) and make sure the F-900s do not succeed in destroying the Federation. To do this you will
be researching Federation, the events and people leading up to Federation.

The Essential Question is: "How have the circumstances at Federation shaped the way in which Australia has evolved?"

You will create either two of the following: a diary entry about life at the time of 1901, or, produce a timeline of the events leading up to Federation, or,  create a montage about Federation.

You will use this knowledge to conduct a similar "1 vs 100" Game Show to oust out the F-900s (but beware some of the Pods are F-900s!) 

You must also consider the changes that you can make for the better. There are parts of Federation that might coincide with the F-900s' mission. You must rectify these mistakes to avoid any problems that exist today by holding a Point of View Forum.

What happens at Federation has a huge impact on our society today and you will discuss the issues involved in an essay. 

All the best with this Mission!

Mission for the F-900s