Here are the resources for each of the four tasks you need to undertake.

The individual resources are also listed under their task page as well as noted here.

Task 1: General Resources

Task 2: 1 vs 100

Task 3: Point of View Forum

Task 4: Essay


Task 1: General Resources

The resources listed here are extensive. You will need to divide them up to cover them all. Some material will be repeated. Documents, stories and images might be used in your later presentation. 

Australian Federation

Documenting a Democracy

Federation of Australia

Resources for Federation - hard copy resources

Federation Gallery - National Archive

Federation Gateway

Federation Images

Stories of Democracy - Australian Electoral History

Australian Government: Federation

ABC: Federation Story

Melbourne University Law Review: New Federation History

Adelaide High School Intranet: Federation of Australia (some broken links)

Our Federation Journey (PDF)

Federation in South Australia

Workers Online: Federation Day, 1901

Federation and Defending Our Shores (Video clip)

Australian History: Colonisation (1788 - 1900)

Australian Federation, 1901

Steps to Federation: 1883 - 1901

Early History of Victoria Barracks

La Trobe University: Brief History of the Chinese in Australia

National Library of Australia: Federal Fashions

Belonging: Who shaped Australia? A timeline

National Gallery of Australia: Federation: Australian Art and Society: 1901 - 2001

PANDORA ARCHIVE - Australian Archive of Websites

Pandora Archive: The Official Website of the National Council for the Centenary of Federation

Internet Archive - these following websites might be blocked by the school's security system - ask your teacher to retrieve them for you!

National Archives of Australia: Chronology of Federation - starts from 1788.

National Archives of Australia: Chronology: Federation: The Guide to Records (1890 - 1894)

Making a Nation (Tasmanian Federation Online): Life in 1901

State Library of NSW: One People One Destiny: Celebrating the Centenary of Federation (PDF)

Task 2: 1 vs 100

1 vs 100

PL Duffy Resource Centre: Timelines

Department of the Parliamentary Library: The Federation of Australia 1901. (PDF)

Picture Australia


Task 3: Point of View

SBS's Insight

You will need to go to each page for the Resources here - they are too extensive to list individually!


Task 4: Essay

Federalism and the Role of the Senate by Henry Evans, Clerk of the Senate

The Threat to Federalism: Rt Hon Sir Harry Gibbs, GCMG, AC, KBE

Making Federalism Flourish by Professor Wolfgang Kasper

Australian Federalism

Blood, sweat, tears and sugar

Our Queensland: Service or Slavery?

The Kanakas and the Cane Fields

Centenary of Queensland Women's Suffrage 2005: Excluded from the Vote