Form into groups of 4 - 5. You will remain with this group throughout this WebQuest (except for Task 4 which is an individual activity).

F-900s Group

One group will be the F-900s (but unknown to the rest of the class! - Your teacher will decide who will become this group via a ballot). F-900s Group click here!

Before you commence the tasks within this WebQuest, you need to look at the Evaluation page to see how you are going to be assessed.

Also, you can at any time, visit the Resources page which contains all the resources used in this WebQuest!


Challenge 1

To understand what the F-900s know about Federation you will need to research all aspects of the journey to Federation particularly the conflicts between States, their various concerns and jealousies!

Click here to see what challenges await you! 

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Challenge 2: I vs 100

You are to become part of 1 vs 100 - either as the Mob or the "One"! Click here to find out more!


Challenge 3: Point of View Forum

You now are an expert on Federation! The class is to conduct a Point of View Forum to look at Federation in a deeper way and to see the issues and problems of Federation as the F-900 would see them.

Point of View Forum (similar to SBS's Insight) has a number of people involved - some experts on the topic and, people who have had personal experiences on the issue or topic.

To take part in the Point of View Forum, click here!

Challenge 4: Paper

You are to write a short paper/essay that will help our Governments now be strong enough to avoid an attack by the F-900s and Skynet!

Click here to find out the topic!


Go now to the Completion.... will the F-900s be able to put a crack into the notion of Federation - can you still see the effects today? The F-900s will reveal their ideas!