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This WebQuest focuses on the question:

"How have the circumstances at Federation shaped the way in which Australia has evolved?"

To determine the answer to this question, students are to complete four activities.

In order to go back in time, the WebQuest uses the concept employed in the film, Terminator. This time, the cyborgs are a group of F-900s. Students within the class are to "battle" their wits against a team of F-900s.



This WebQuest is designed for Years 9 - 12 studying Australian History (HSIE/SOSE) particularly the History of Federation.



At the conclusion of this WebQuest each student will:

  • have a deeper understanding of some of the major issues of Federation
  • have a better understanding of the impact of Federation on our society today
  • have a better understanding of the social and political issues still facing Australia today


Access to a Computer Lab for some of the lesson time.

Duration: 4 weeks

This WebQuest is designed so that each Challenge takes one week to complete. Each challenge, after Challenge 1 (mandatory), can be optional.

However, it is suggested that all Challenges are completed by students and in the order of Challenges 1 - 4 for a comprehensive overview of the history of Australia Federation.


This WebQuest is designed so that students can research at home as well as at school. This is to be encouraged where possible.

Teacher Resources - Online

Internet Archive - these following websites might be blocked by the school's Internet security system - you can  retrieve them for your students at home or by asking the school's IT manager to unblock these sites

National Archives of Australia: Chronology of Federation - starts from 1788.

National Archives of Australia: Chronology: Federation: The Guide to Records (1890 - 1894)

Making a Nation (Tasmanian Federation Online): Life in 1901

State Library of NSW: One People One Destiny: Celebrating the Centenary of Federation (PDF)

Teacher Resources - Offline

ABC Video: Federation: A Three Part Journey to Nationhood.  Featuring The Land, The People & The Nation. 170 mins (1999)

Teachers Notes for this video

Full transcripts for the video

Copyright & Disclaimer

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