The following rubric is a guide to how you will be assessed:

Highly Proficient
Notes and Research  
Incomplete with some organisation  
Complete and organised  
Complete and provided depth in coverage of topic  
Highly organised  
Group cooperation  
Difficulty working with others  
Lack of time management  
Did not contribute to the presentation  
Completed task on time  
Working cooperatively with others in producing the poster  
Helped present  
Managed time wisely  
Completed all aspects of process to a high standard  
took an active role in making the poster and presenting  
Some details given  
Requires editing of grammar  and spelling  
Little or no graphics  
Accurate and approriate information  
Minimal spelling and grammatical errors  
Graphics layout compliments content but requires a little more organisation  
Coherant and highly detailed information  
Spelling and grammar correct  
Interesting facts  
Well organised use of graphics  
Lacks Structure  
Some organisation  
More preparation required  
Well organised and informative  
Highly organised  
Clear, coherant and detailed information