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Find out about gold so you
can provide an argument
to Dr Lead's son Jimmy
and help save the gold in this world.

Below are some general
links to information about
Gold to help get you started.

Facts about Gold  

Resource World, Gold

  • Now armed with the knowledge of Gold split into groups of three.  Each member of the group must research a different aspect of the importance of gold and help us at Gold Force! Go to the  'task force'  and choose which task force (G.E.T.) you will specialise in.

  • Once you have chosen a task force to be a member of, research all the information regarding your topic. Record the information that you believe is important.

  • When you have finished your research, get together with the other members in your class that belong to the same task force.

    Work with these members to create a colourful poster containing all the relevant information on your subject. You may use images from the sites you have visited.

    Remember, this poster is designed to convince Jimmy of the value of gold!

  • When the poster is complete move back into your original group of three to discuss your findings, you may use the posters as a reference.

  • Using the information you have found out about gold, make a group presentation to your class about your findings as if you were making a video transmission to Jimmy on the space station.

    You must explain why gold is so important to the world covering each of the three areas that you have explored.

    Remember to be original and even theatrical, the fate of the world is in your hands!