Purpose of This Web Quest

This web quest was designed specifically for students in year 5 who are about to commence studies concerning the Gold Rush. It is a site which introduces students to the very broad topic of Gold, but not in great depth.

Students are given the opportunity to extend their knowledge by exploring yet another aspect of the world. The aim was to allow students to use the internet to trace the history of Gold in the world and develop a more hardened understanding of it.


This web quest lets students assume the dangerous but exciting role of secret agents, who work for an organisation known as Gold Force. This is where their great adventure begins:

The Gold Force Headquarters has just received a video transmission from a space station that is orbiting the Earth. It is from a boy named Jimmy, who is the son of the evil Dr Lead. In this message, Jimmy tells of his father's destructive plans to destroy all of the Gold on Earth.

Jimmy knows how to stop his evil father's plans to destroy all Gold, but he is not sure if he should use this knowledge. He feels a great sense of loyalty to his father but at the same time he feels compassionate towards the people of earth, who will be deprived of their Gold.

So, in order to make a fair and righteous decision, he has asked the people from Gold Force the question: Why Gold is so important anyway? So, students have been set the task of answering Jimmy's question.

To complete this task, students will form into three groups and each will research a different aspect of Gold.




Geographical, Historical and Social Importance of Gold


Economical Importance and Value of Gold


Technological and Scientific Importance of Gold

Once in these groups, students will do some research in these specific research areas and record the information which they believe to be most important. Once their research is complete they will collaborate with the other class members doing the same research areas and make a creative poster showing all their research. Students must also make a presentation to their class.

Hopefully, by the time their research is complete they will have gained a extensive knowledge basis on which to begin their Gold Rush studies.

 Age Level

This web quest is targeted at Grade 5 students, because it is related to their studies on the Gold Rush. Although, it may be used by any age/year group, although alterations may need to be made by you, the teacher, so that it is more suited to your particular class.

Key Learning Areas

This web quest is a SOSE/HSIE unit because it has its primary focus set on the Geographical, Historical, Economical and Social aspects of Gold.


Within this web quest, students work in both small and large groups, where they will fulfill certain activities, and they may also do some individual research. Students will be learning to find information on their own, being creative and learning to work with a range of people, collaborating a range of ideas. For a closer look at how to assess students for this web quest, click here.

Preceding Tasks

It is not recommended that any preliminary or introductory units are completed before doing this web quest because the quest in itself is an introduction to Gold. If an introduction is needed, perhaps only a brief one should be given.

Follow - Up Ideas

Perhaps, students may like to explore stories/fables, ancient myths or maybe art forms related to Gold. Here are some interesting sites that may inspire you:

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Gold Mythology

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Gold Spirituality

Gold Symbolism

As another follow-up idea, you may like to introduce your students to other precious or important metals, or perhaps some gems or minerals. You may find several good links at this site:

Extra Resources

Historical (G-Force)

Healing Power of Gold

Technological (T-Force)

A Golden Age of Technology


Encyclopaedia: GOLD

Facts on Gold

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Gold facts (Karat; types of gold)    

Gold in Ancient Mythology

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Gold Symbolism

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Modern Jewellery Techniques

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