21 March - Harmony Day

Can You Get The Party Started? A Multicultural WebQuest for Year 3-4 Students

Let's Party!
Who's Invited?
Party Planning
Wrapping Up

For Teachers

Wrapping Up


Congratulations, you have all successfully designed a class party that caters for all of your class mates as well as the "extra class members".

By organising this party, it is hoped that you are more aware of each other as individuals and the communities that make up Australia.

We hope you have also enjoyed celebrating similarities and differences amongst each other.

kids_vietnamese_home.gif (8018 bytes)Together we are all Australian, You + Me = Us


part_1.gif (2829 bytes)Why Not Make The Party A Reality?

If you are going to make this party really happen, you will need some help from your parents as lots of recipes involve hot foods.

Your teacher and parents will help decide which food they are going to prepare.

You will have to help cook too and bring it to school. 

You need to decide when would be an appropriate time of the day to have this party.

Will it clash with events on the class or school calendar? Is there anybody in the class that will not be able to participate on this day due to cultural beliefs?

During the Party take some photos.

Real World Feedback

Did you celebrate your party? If you did, we would like to hear from you!

We would like to see your menus, decorations and games! And lots of photos!

After you have finished the party, write one page about what you have learnt and send the photos and stories to the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs in Canberra Australia.

Please send photos, the name of your school and your party suggestions to   harmonyday@immi.gov.au

If you send these items into us, we will post them onto this website for other students to look at. 

Your Own Parties This Year

Also remember, when you are next planning a party that it is a good idea to think about the needs of your guests. On your invitation, you might ask what special needs they have or what they think would make a great party!