21 March - Harmony Day

Can You Get The Party Started? A Multicultural WebQuest for Year 3-4 Students

Let's Party!
Who's Invited?
Party Planning
Wrapping Up

For Teachers

Party Planning


You must become an expert in the ways in which parties are held around the world. It is your job is to come up with

  • a theme
  • colours, and
  • create samples of decorations to make this party out of sight.

Take care when choosing colours and symbols, you don't want anybody to be upset!

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As the expert on food, it is your job to

  • design a menu that will help students with health and cultural needs to enjoy your delicious food.

You will need to brush up on your knowledge of food delights from around the world.

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Entertainment Facilitator

Often the best parties are the ones that gets everybody doing fun activities.

You'll need to

  • research games that would interesting to your guests and teach them how to play them
  • you are also in charge of any music your group feels will add to the fun of the event.

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Communications Manager

You must

  • provide ways to inform those students who may have trouble reading written texts. You might like to use pictures or diagrams to help you.
  • note when any meals/games will take place, and
  • design invitations ready for both your class guests and for the wider community (principal, librarian, parents) 
  • provide information that will help everyone understand the customs of your guests.

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