21 March - Harmony Day

Can You Get The Party Started? A Multicultural WebQuest for Year 3-4 Students

Let's Party!
Who's Invited?
Party Planning
Wrapping Up

For Teachers

Who's Invited?

In this webquest you will:

  • Research the culture of two students
  • Make a party plan
  • Present your ideas
  • Participate in a class review of all the things needed to make this party a success for all students in the class no matter what their background is.

You and your friends are going to plan not just any old class party; your party needs to celebrate the cultural heritage of all your class members and some extra class members!

The extra class members that we are looking at today has students who include Indigenous Australians, those who have recently come to Australia or those who were born in Australia but their parents or grand-parents were born somewhere else.   

You might find out that one or more of the students listed below has similar, if not the same traditions as your family. Let's find out!

The class group includes children from the following backgrounds:

  • Malaysian

  • Chinese
  • Indigenous Australian
  • Greek
  • UK student
  • German
  • NZ Maori
  • Filipino
  • Italian
  • Indian 
  • Vietnamese
  • Dutch

To make the party more comfortable for everyone, your group must also cater for health needs, respect beliefs and cultural values and make sure that everybody can be involved in the activities planned.

Here are the extra class members that are coming to your class party:

kids_malay_sml.gif (2781 bytes)Hi, my name is Fatima. My parents, aunts and uncles, my two sisters and I - in fact, my whole family have just arrived from Malaysia last year.

kids_dutch_sml.gif (3053 bytes) Hi, my name is Anna. My  Grandparents come from Holland, but my parents and I were born in Australia.

I am a diabetic! I would like to eat something at the party! What foods do you think I could have?

kids_vietnamese_sml.gif (3259 bytes)Hi, my name is Linh. My big brother and I were born here in Australia but my parents were born in Vietnam. They have been here for 22 years.
kids_german_sml.gif (3129 bytes)Hi, I'm Hans! My family and I came to Australia from Germany just after I was born 8 years ago. My little sisters were born in Australia.
kids_greek_sml.gif (2818 bytes)Hi, my name is Costa. My family have lived in Australia for ages...my great-grandparents came from Greece. We love to celebrate. Parties are such fun!
Hi, my name is Jai-Guo, my family and I came to Australia 3 years ago from China.

I can't have any food made with milk because I'm lactose intolerant! I would like to eat something at the party! What foods do you think I could have?

kids_nz_sml.gif (2469 bytes)Hi, I'm Molly. I'm from New Zealand and I'm a Maori. My family have been visiting Australia for a while and now we have decided to live here. We have been here for 5 years.
kids_filipino_sml.gif (2748 bytes)My Name is Jose and my family comes from the Phillipines. We arrived in Australia recently. My big sister and her family have been here for seven years.
kids_uk.gif (4135 bytes)Hi, I'm Harry and I have just moved to Australia from the UK.

I use a wheel chair as I have Spina Bifida. I want to participate in all the party games! Can you help me join in?

kids_indian_sml.gif (3822 bytes)Hi, my name is Lakshmi. My family has been in Australia for 6 years. My grandparents live in India. I hope to visit them soon.
kids_italian_sml.gif (3054 bytes)Tony is my name, although my grandmother calls me Antonio. She came from Italy when she was a young girl with her family. I have lots of relatives in Australia but most of my family still lives in Italy.
kids_indigaus_sml.gif (3172 bytes)Hi I'm Cathy. I am an Indigenous Australian. My family has lived in Australia for thousands, no tens of thousands of years.  

Can You Get the Party Started?

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