Evaluation Rubric

Use the Evaluation Rubric below to help you evaluate your work and to see what types of outcomes are expected.
RESEARCH Very little information or not relevant to their role, recorded with no references, found their local community within ABS Has some information and references relevant to their role, used the ABS resources to discover more about their local community Has an extensive list of relevant information and references, used the ABS resources to develop a detailed profile of their local community
PLANNING Needs to sculpt information to work within the expectations of the Community Shopping Centre Planner Structured information adequately Showed organisation and relevance in content. Managed time well
PRESENTING No justification for decisions made, little eye contact with audience Reasons given for most choices made and delivered information satisfactorily. Justified every decision with a valid reason for making that choice, captured the attention of the audience at all times
GROUP PARTICIPATION Shared little and did not engage in discussion or decision making Engaged in discussions and brought up good points about he process of developing a community shopping centre proposal Engaged in discussions throughout the process, helped get everyone involved in the decision making, listened to the ideas of others
INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITIES Did minimal research in the role assumed, made an adequate model or menu but contributed little to the over all plan and presentation of the shopping centre Produced adequate amounts of information for the group to use in their planning and presentation. Made a good model or menu but failed to include all aspects needed to show community harmony
Embraced the role whole heartedly achieving all elements to the highest degree. Made a model or menu that showed how community harmony could be achieved