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Australian Bureau of Statistics

2001 Census Basic Community Profiles and Snapshots

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Shopping Centre Designs

Sydney Shopping Centres and Markets

Melbourne Shopping Centres

Brisbane Shopping Centres

Adelaide Central Market - Go to "Map".

Casuarina Square - NT. Click on a store and you can see the map of the Square.

AMP Capital Investors - Click on Property, then AMP Retail, and then any one of the shopping centres. Each will open in a new window. Under "Going Shopping" is the "Centre Layout". Most have files that you can download.

St.Ives Village, NSW - Floor Plans
Floor Plan Level 1
Floor Plan Level 2

Westfield Shopping Centres - Australia. Investigate the Corporate Information about the shopping centre nearby.

Chadstone Shopping Centre - Melbourne

Churchill Square Shopping Centre - UK

Designing Shopping Centres to Prevent Retail Crime

Great Southern Shopping Centre

Halifax Shopping Centre

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Window Display Resources and Tips

Janecka Display inc




Food and Cultural Influences

The Chinese Festivals

Religious Food Practices in Asia

English customs, traditions & culture

Welsh culture

Scottish Culture

British Food & Traditional Recipes

Malaysian Culture and Customs

Vietnamese Culture


Saudi Arabia: Social Conventions

Maori Arts & Culture

Maori Culture

Food Laws of Some Religions

Germany Information - Culture and Life

Multicultural Cuisine

The Australian Aborigines