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Indoor Architect

You have to design the floor plan of your re-designed shopping centre. The floor plan is essential in knowing where everything is going to be housed, however your job is not that simple.

You have to also ensure

  • the layout of the shopping centre contains basic amenities
  • essential access points for safety and convenience
  • reflects a balance of shopping and meeting places and contains a space for community functions such as fashion parades, cultural dances or children's shows
  • a scale outlining measurement ratios and
  • a legend of facilities eg. toilets

Remember you are promoting harmony within your community.

Go to Resources to see some designs that will help you in your task. 

people-02-02.gif (8880 bytes)Window Dresser

You have to design and construct a specialty shop window.

Attracting the community's attention is your job.

You need to focus on one of the specialty shops your group has nominated, to entice shoppers but you have to also be sensitive to all the needs of your community. Think carefully about appropriateness of what you are displaying. Are the colours/symbols appropriate in that context? Does your display show respect to the cultures within your community?

Remember you are promoting harmony within your community as well as marketing that shop.

The first thing you have to explore is how the windows in your local shopping centre are created! Do they have models? How are these displayed? Is there a special theme? ie. Sports or an event like Easter?

Look at these resources to help you create a new window display.

people-04-02.gif (10412 bytes)Eatery Designer

The Shopping Centre Management wants evidence that the eateries in the centre are reflecting the needs of your local people. As a snapshot of what you have done, you are going to focus on the 2 groups in your community.

You have to create menus from 2 eating venues in the complex that are catering for these 2 groups.

Naturally, the menus will have the name of the eatery and be written and designed to reflect the community it is representing.

You have to address the issue of creating harmony within the community. How will you do this?

Look at these resources to see various traditional foods from different communities.

people-03-04.gif (8561 bytes)Outdoor Architect

You are going to create a model of how the area will look from the outside.

You want to give the shopping centre a welcoming feel in its appearance to all members of your community. Consider the following

  • signage
  • entrances and their appearance
  • plants
  • water
  • ramps
  • steps
  • accessible space 

Additionally, you need to include an outdoor performance venue that will also act as a meeting area.

How will your design create harmony within your community?

You will need to use a digital or traditional camera to take snapshots of the outside of your local shopping mall so that you can come up with some changes.

Look at this page of shopping mall facades for some inspiration.