Your task is to :
  • examine your local community by using the Australian Bureau of Statistics data
  • examine a "local shopping complex" plan
  • write up a proposal on how all the needs of the community could be met including:
    • a floor plan of the shopping centre showing changes that would reflect better community harmony
    • a speciality shop window display
    • a menu for two of the eateries
    • a model of the exterior of the shopping centre

You will be answering the following questions:

  • After looking at your local community information, are there shops in your "local shopping centre" to cater for these groups?
  • How are the older people catered for at the local shops?
  • Are there any access issues for wheelchairs, visually impaired shoppers etc.? Is there a medical centre here? Is there a place to meet?
  • Are families catered for? What would they need?
  • What about teenagers and kids? Are their needs meet? How?
  • What might be other needs of the various groups in the community?

The big question is: Are the needs of your local community catered for in your local shopping centre?