An Overview of the Solar System

Views of the Solar System

The Eight Planets


History Resources

The Galileo Project - Ptolemaic System

The Galileo Project - Copernican System


Galactic Debate

Honey, I shrunk the Solar System

Yes, Pluto really is a Planet!

New Definition would add 3 "Planets" to Solar System

Is Pluto a Planet?

Astronomers fight to restore Pluto's planet status

Planet-sized debate on the horizon

Pluto: Planet or Comet?

Working Group on Extrasolar Planets & A Position Statement on the Definition of a "Planet"

A Good Definition of the Word "Planet": Mission Impossible?

What is a Planet? Technical Paper by Professor Gibor Basri

An orb by any other name: Debate over what constitutes a planet is far from settled

Defining "Planet" - a draft paper by Professor Gibor Basri

A Glimmer of Hope for Pluto?

Please Save Pluto

Reinstate Pluto as a Planet

Bad Astronomy

Suggest a New Planetary Mnemonic

Staying Positive about Pluto

Farewell Pluto?

Pluto Resources

Pluto Fact Sheet

Facts about Pluto


Struggles to Find the Ninth Planet - by Discoverer

Much Ado about Pluto

Wikipedia - Pluto(Planet)



Eris (used to be Xena) Resources

The discovery of 2003 UB313 Eris, the 10th planet largest known dwarf planet

Xena is out of this world!

Wiki - 136199 Eris


Quaoar Resources

Quaoar - discovered in June 2002

Frequently Asked Questions About Quaoar - by co-discover Chad Trujillo

New Planet-shaped Body found in Our Solar System


Varuna Resources

Size and Albedo of Kuiper Belt Object (20000) VARUNA


Kuiper Belt Resources

The Kuiper Belt and The Oort Cloud

Kuiper Belt


Ceres Resources

Asteroid Introduction

Asteroid Ceres



Charon Resources

NASA - Pluto

NASA - Pluto Moons: Charon

Pluto and Charon


Radio Play & Song Resources  
BBC: How to write a Radio Play

The Return of the Radio Play (examples given towards the end)

Format for a Radio Play Script

Generic Radio Workshop: Vintage Radio Script Library (you can find old radio scripts here)

1938 - "War of the Worlds" Radio Broadcast Wavs (you can listen to the original broadcast)

The Art of Foley (A Tutorial on Sound Effects)

Radio Sound Effects

Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

Gilbert and Sullivan - Midi Files

Gustav Holst: The Planets Suite

Music for the Planets

The Planets by Gustav Holst

Music of the Planets


Comedy TV Play & Press Release and Cartoon Book
Thank God You're Here - Comedy Show

Theatre Sports

Taipei Eclectic Science Fiction Improvisational Theatre Sports Workshop: Theory, Discussion and Example Games Online

Improvisation Techniques and Games - by the creator of Theatre Sports

Improv Formats

Walt Disney PR Department's Press Release At Jim Hill Media

How to do a Traditional Brainstorm

Press Release Writing Tips

Press Releases - How to Write a Great Press Release

How to: Write a Press Release

Read, Write, Think: Comic Creator

Cartoon Strip Generator

Cartoonster - Fun Flash Cartoons and Animation Tutorials!

Creating a Political Cartoon

Become a Cartoonist


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