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I developed this WebQuest in response to the IAU's demotion of Pluto to a Dwarf Planet. 

Thanks to Glen Bunfield, graphic designer, for his wonderful design. 

Thanks to Luke our technician for his input. 

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Designed for students in Years 7 - 10 (Stage 4 - 5, NSW, Australia) studying Space. 


Unit 7.1: Life in a Space Colony

4.1 identifies historical examples of how scientific knowledge has changed people's understanding of the world. 

4/5.26 recognises the role of science in providing information about issues being considered and in increasing an understanding of the world around them

4.9 describes the dynamic structure of earth and its relationship to other parts of our solar system and the universe

4.9.1a describe qualitative relative sizes, distances and movements of our solar system

4.9.1b Newtonian model - describe the relative movement of planets, moons and the sun

4.9.2b Components of the universe: use appropriate scales to describe differences in sizes of, and distances between, structures making up the universe

4.16a use a range of sources including the Internet to access information

4.18a select, and use appropriately, a discussion, explanation, procedure, exposition, recount, report, response or experimental record for oral and written presentation

4.18b select and use an appropriate media to present data and information

4.22.2d match the tasks to the team members according to requirements of task and the skills of the individual

4.22.2e set and work to realistic timelines and goals as a team

Unit Indicators

Students may indicate achievement of the outcome when they: 

- describe the model of the solar system prior to Copernicus and identify evidence that resulted in changes to this model. 


This unit of work will take approximately 3 - 4 weeks. 


I would like to thank the NSW Deputy Principals who attended my workshop at the NSW Deputy Principals' Conference at Wollongong in early September 2006 and provided me with exciting ideas and tasks from all different Key Learning Areas. They are:

  1. Peter Berisi - Tumut High School
  2. Debbie Valencic - Boorowa Central School
  3. Sally Conn - The Entrance Campus
  4. Karen Nicol - Tumbi Umbi Campus
  5. Kim Graffith - Ku-Ring-Gai Creative Arts
  6. Greg Hurford - Kelso High School
  7. Tim Weston - Maitland High School
  8. Karen Roberts - Asquith Girls High School
  9. Greg Peterson - Oak Flats High School
  10. Jenne Gardner - Shoalhaven High School
  11. Jenny Woolfe - Wiley Park Girls High School
  12. Robyn Howson - Bulli High School
  13. Peter Riley - Hunter Sports High School
  14. Craig Clement - Tweed Rivers High School
  15. Don Linegar - Chatham High School
  16. Lynne Graham - Caringbah High School
  17. Alistair Tate - Crestwood High School
  18. Jason Brame - Cecil Hills High School
  19. Melinda Sussman - Campbelltown Performing Arts High School
  20. Greg Munsie - East Hills Boys Technology High School
  21. Richard Clay - Cardiff High School
  22. Phil Sweeney - Erina High School
  23. Gai Primmer - Heathcote High School
  24. Denis Benjamin - Yanco Agriculture High School
  25. Gerald Buckley - Moss Vale High School


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