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We hear lots of messages today...."Stop terrorism!" , "Clean up Australia", "Save the Koalas!", "Australia should look after refugees!", "We need to do something about Climate Change", "Stop the boat people!", "Should we log our ancient trees?", "Help the Timorese", "Send money to help children overseas", "Protect the Animals!", "Get involved with Earth Hour!".

It can be all very confusing especially when there are conflicting messages given! Who gave the message? What was the purpose of the message? Who can you believe? What do you believe? How did you react to the message? Did it inspire you? Was it a message of hope? Did it stir your heart to action? Or was it an info-commercial? Were people making money out of the message?

The Prophets of the Hebrew Scriptures gave messages to the people of their times. In this WebQuest, you are going to explore these messages as well as the messages of today.


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