1. Form into groups of 3 - 4 students. This will be the group you will be working with for the remainder of this WebQuest.

Each of you will have certain duties to perform within the group: Recorder, Presenter, Designer/Researcher and Group Leader for the first activities.

Each of you will have the opportunity to perform each of these duties as you progress through these activities. At the end of this WebQuest, each of you will have:

icon_record.gif (692 bytes) Recorded or summarised the group's decisions pulling together the essential elements of the group's findings.
icon_present.gif (522 bytes) Presented your group's final product
icon_research.gif (827 bytes) Designed or researched for the group and worked on the final product
icon_leader.gif (579 bytes) Being the Group Leader ensuring that all members are contributing to the group's activities and acts as the project manager.  

2.Go to the first activity - "Messages" and complete.

Activity 1: Messages newspaper.gif (1998 bytes)

When you have finished your group's task, as a class, discuss these responses and list the 10 most common messages heard each day and 5 messages from the Bible.

Reach a class consensus (read this first for the rules to building consensus) about which of these messages is the most popular. Write these messages on the class noticeboard.


3.Go to the second activity - What is a Prophet?

CRYER.GIF (5812 bytes) Activity 2: What is a Prophet?





After each group has decided on their definition, as a class decide the meaning for "Prophet". Write this up on the class noticeboard. Remember to use the rules to building consensus.

p3.gif (6573 bytes)

4. Go to the third activity - Know Your Prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures and complete.

Activity 3: Know Your Prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures


As you listen to each group's presentations, write up the qualities of a Prophet on the sheet provided. As a class, come to a consensus about these qualities and write them up on the class noticeboard. 

When your group has finished these activities, you will combine with one other group.

construct a board game using the questions each group has made up about their prophets. It could be a game similar to Snakes and Ladders, Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit or one that this larger group would wish to make.

Once this is completed, swap games with another larger group and "Play their Game"!


5. Now that you have finished the research part of this WebQuest, you need to get to the heart of this WebQuest! Besides doing your "duties", you will also play a role or perspective and debate the topic - "Prophets in Australia - in our History and today?"

Activity 4 - Prophets in Australia - in our History and today?

aus_prophet.gif (3798 bytes)

Your group will have a group of Australians to research and categorise into leaders, good people, heroes or Prophets depending on your perspective or role.

After researching and debating, your group will present their findings to the class.

Individually hand in your answers the Stimulus and Focus questions.

As a class, come to a consensus about which people are Prophets in Australia today and be prepared to give reasons for your choice.



6. Go to your fifth, last and individual activity - Culminating Activity!

Activity 5 - Culminating Activity




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