Activity 1
ABC Online
Commercial Radio Australia
E-TV Guide
Newcastle Newspapers Online
The Australian
The Catholic Weekly
The Sydney Morning Herald

Bible Messages

Message Chart - Word Document

How to Reach Consensus

Activity 2
Online Dictionary
The HyperDictionary
The - Definition of a Prophet - Prophet - Prophets and Prophecy
What is Bible prophecy?
Definition: Messenger
Messenger Bible Study - Definition

How to Brainstorm



Activity 3

Qualities of a Prophet - Word document

Isaiah (first)
Isaiah - A Prophet for Then and Now
The Grace Institute - Isaiah
Catholic Encyclopedia (difficult reading) - Isaiah
Bible Study - Isaiah (extensive detail)

Malachi - Bible Study
Catholic Encyclopedia - Malachi (reading difficult)
Bible Sermons Online - Malachi

Isaiah (later)
Isaiah - A Prophet for Then and Now
The Grace Institute - Isaiah
Catholic Encyclopedia (difficult reading) - Isaiah (see the Second Isaiah)

Catholic Encyclopedia - Zacharias
Grace Institute - Zechariah
Bible Study - Zechariah
Easton's Bible Dictionary - Zechariah
Bible Basics - Zechariah

Catholic Encyclopedia - Jeremias (difficult reading)
Jeremiah - A Profile of Courage
Grace Institute - Jeremiah
Bible Study - Jeremiah

Catholic Encyclopedia - Haggai
Bible Study - Haggai

Catholic Encyclopedia - Ezekiel (difficult reading)
Wikipedia - Ezekiel
The Prophet Ezekiel - his significance to Judaism
The Jewish Encyclopedia - Ezekiel
Bible Study - Ezekiel (extension reading - complex

Catholic Encyclopedia - Sophonias (Zephaniah) - difficult reading
The Minor Prophets - Zephaniah
Bible Study - Zephaniah (extension work)

Catholic Encyclopedia - Daniel (difficult to read)
Wikipedia - Daniel
About Judaism - Daniel
Jewish Encyclopedia - Daniel
Bible Study - Daniel (extension only)

Catholic Encyclopedia - Habakkuk (difficult to read)
Bible Study - Habakkuk

Activity 3

Catholic Encyclopedia - Hosea (difficult reading but comprehensive)
Bible Study - Hosea

Catholic Encyclopedia - Amos (difficult to read)
Bible Study - Amos

Catholic Encyclopedia - Joel (difficult reading)
Bible Study - Joel

Catholic Encyclopedia - Abdias (Obadiah) - difficult reading
Bible Study - the Book of Obadiah
Jewish Encyclopedia - Obadiah
Wikipedia - The book of Obadiah

Catholic Encyclopedia - Jonah (difficult to read)
An introduction to the Book of Jonah
Bible Study - The Book of Jonah
Outline of Jonah
Early Jewish Writings - Jonah (including Jerome's Biblical Commentary)
Jewish Encyclopedia - Jonah (extension as complex)

Catholic Encyclopedia - Book of Micheas (Micah) difficult to read
Wikipedia - Micah
Jewish Encyclopedia - Micah
Bible Study - Micah
An introduction to the Book of Micah

Bible Study - Lamentations
Jewish Encyclopedia - Lamentations
University of Sheffield - Commentary on Lamentations

Catholic Encyclopedia - Baruch - difficult reading
Bible Study - Baruch
Jewish Encyclopedia - Baruch, Apocalypse of (Greek) (extension)

Catholic Encyclopedia - Nahum - difficult reading
Jewish Encyclopedia - Nahum
Bible Study - Nahum

Create a Board Game Resources:

wikiHow: How to make your own board game

All a-board! Create a personalised board game

Announcement of Your Prophet:



Activity 4Australian Prophet

Activity 4: Australians - Word Document

Group 1:

Vida Goldstein

Australian Dictionary of Biographies: Vida Jane Goldstein (18691949)

Australian War Memorial: Forging the Nation - Vida Goldstein

Wikipedia - Vida Goldstein

ABC - Hindsight - Standing for her convictions: the campaigns of Vida Goldstein (audio file)

State Library of Victoria: Vida Goldstein

The Australian Women's Register

National Library of Australia - Federation Gateway: Vida Goldstein

Australian Government: Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations

Friends of St.Kilda Cemetery: The Suffragette - Vida Goldstein

Sr. Elizabeth Kenny

Australian Dictionary of Biography: Elizabeth Kenny (1880 - 1952)

Wikipedia: Elizabeth Kenny

Sister Elizabeth Kenny - Medical Pioneer

Hidden Heroes of Australian History

Elizabeth Kenny - 1880 - 1952 - Nurse and Battler Against Polio

Dr. Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery's website

Wikipedia: Tim Flannery

Australian of the Year 2007

The Weather Makers: Tim Flannery: Scientist, explorer, author

Macquarie University newsletter

Macquarie University: Tim Flannery first Australian to receive Joseph Leidy Award

Steve Irwin

Wikipedia - Steve Irwin

The Australian Zoo - Irwin Family

Steve Irwin Day

The Crocodile Hunter - Steve Irwin

Ian Kiernan

Clean Up Australia

Clean Up Australia - Chairman's Message

Top Achievers

ABC - Gardening - Stories

ICMI - Speaker Profile

ABC - Payment to Mother Nature is due

Australia Day - Ian Kieran Profile (PDF)


Group 2:

Dr. Faith Bandler

ABC's Late Night Live (2001)

ABC's Viewpoints - by Faith Bandler

Wikipedia - Faith Bandler

Oxfam - Faith Bandler

The Australian Women's Register - Faith Bandler

National Museum Australia: Collaborating for Indigenous Rights - Faith Bandler

Reconciliation Australia - Faith Bandler


Allan Jones

2 GB Radio Station


Wikipedia - Alan Jones

Herald Sun - Police baffled by Jones' blockage claim as truckies gather for protest (22 August 2011)

The Australia Institute: Who Listens to Alan Jones? (PDF) (2006)

Eddie Mabo

Australian Museum Online - Indigenous Australia - The Land - Eddie Mabo

Time Magazine - Eddie Mabo

Hidden Heroes of Australian History - Eddie Mabo

National Native Title Tribunal - History of Native Title

National Film & Sound Archive: Remembering Eddie Mabo (can download video clip)

Dick Smith

Australian of the Year 1986

Wikipedia - Dick Smith

ABC - Talking Heads

Dick Smith by Robert Gott (1998, 50 pages PDF)

Ondine Sherman - the organisation set up by Ondine and her father, Brian Sherman 

Australian Story - Interview with Ondine Sherman

Minding Animals - Ondine Sherman

Group 3:

Ahn Do

CMI - Ahn Do - Biography

Showcase Entertainment - Ahn Do Biography

Pro Bono News

Ahn Do's website

Ahn Do's website - Key Note


Paul Kelly

Wikipedia - Paul Kelly

Australian Music Web Site: Paul Kelly Biography

Paul Kelly's website - About

Australian Government - DEEWR - Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly - Lyrics (to 2007) Look up:


Fr. Chris Riley

The Catholic Weekly - Faith makes Fr Chris strong - author

Salesians of Don Bosco, Australian Province of Mary Help of Christians - Fr. Chris Riley

Youth Off the Streets

Wikipedia - Fr. Chris Riley

Making a Difference Conference (PDF, 1 page)

Jack Mundey

Wikipedia - Jack Mundey

Screen Australia Digital Learning (Archived, but contains a whole website)

National Film and Sound Archives - Teacher's Notes (126Kb)

ABC - Talking Heads

A perspective on Sydney's Green ban Campaign, 1970 - 74

Skwirk: Jack Mundey: Green Bans

Dame Roma Mitchell

ABC's Behind the News - Dame Roma Mitchell

The Honourable Dame Roma Mitchell

Dame Roma Mitchell, AC DBE, former Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia and Governor of South Australia

Screen Australia Digital Learning (Archived website)


South Australian History


Group 4:

Tim Costello

Monash University - Prominent Alumni - Tim Costello

ABC Radio Nation - Perspective

The Age - Article

Amnesty International - Article

World Vision - CEO



Gough Whitlam

ABC's Behind the News - Gough Whitlam

ALP - Biography of Gough Whitlam

Prime Ministers of Australia - Gough Whitlam

The Whitlam Institute within the University of Western Sydney

The Whitlam Institute - Gough Whitlam

"Reflections" An Address by The Honourable Gough Whitlam AC, QC to the Murdoch Student Law Society - Difficult reading

Michael Leunig

Michael Leunig - his website 

The Travelling Leunig - Cartoons by Michael Leunig - A Review

Michael Leunig

ABC Western Queensland - The musings of Michael Leunig

An Interview with Michael Leunig


Enough Rope

ABC - Bush Telegraph

Arthur Stace

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Dictionary of Sydney

Eternity at the Olympics


National Museum of Australia

Edith Cowan

ABC's Behind the News - Edith Cowan

Discovering Democracy - Edith Cowan

Heroism - Edith Cowan

Australian Dictionary of Biography



National Geographic

Reserve Bank of Australia

Activity 4

Group 5:

Neville Bonner
Heroism - Neville Bonner
ABC - Behind the News
Dinkum Aussies - Neville Bonner
We must all act to build on the legacy of Senator Neville Bonner by Aden Ridgeway
Dr. Neville Bonner

Dr. Helen Caldicott

ABC's Behind the News
Heroism - Dr. Helen Caldicott
Dossier - Dr. Helen Caldicott
Helen Caldicott - Peace is Her Passion
An interview with Helen Caldicott

Henry Bournes Higgins

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Obituaries Australia


Australian Trade Union Archives

Project Gutenberg Australia

Mary MacKillop

National Library of Australia - picture of Mary MacKillop

Sisters of St.Joseph - Mary MacKillop

ABC's Behind the News - Mary MacKillop

Top Achievers - Mary MacKillop

Catholic Forum - Saints - Mary MacKillop

What makes a Saint?

A Fair Dinkum Aussie Saint

Mary MacKillop - Catholic Education Commission - Learning Object


Tenison Woods

Julian Tenison Woods - Flinders Ranges Research

Sisters of St. Joseph - Julian Tenison Woods

Mary MacKillop and Fr. Julian Tenison Woods

Biographical Information - Fr. Julian Tenison Woods

Founder of the Sisters of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

New Icons at St.Patrick's

Group 6:

Fred Hollows

National Library of Australia: Fred Hollows Picture

Fred Hollows Foundation

ABC's Behind the News

Top Achievers

Time Magazine - Article

Fred Hollows

Trinity Library Resources - Fred Hollows

Heroism - Fred Hollows

Mary Lee

Australian Dictionary of Biography

Mary Lee


State Library of S.A.


Dame Edith Lyons

Joseph Lyons Chapter 4 Dame Enid Lyons (PDF)

Discovering Democracy - Dame Enid Lyons

Australian Parliament House - Dame Enid Lyons

Australian Women

Great speeches of Rural Australia - Enid Lyons



Lowjita (Lois) O'Donoghue

The State Library of South Australia - Lowitja O'Donoghue—Elder of our nation

Discovering Democracy - Lowitja (Lois) O'Donoghue

Australian of the Year 1984

Australian Women - Lois O'Donoghue

Keeper of the Heart of Australia

Pathways to Knowledge Speech (1998)

The Lowitja Institute

Sir William Deane

ABC's Lateline

Racism - No Way: Fact Sheet: The Honourable Sir William Deane AC KBE

The Governor-General (Past)

Catholic Social Justice Speech


ABC - My Favourite Australian

ACU - Sir William Deane

Group 7:

Professor Fiona Stanley

Australian of the Year 2003

Telethon Institute for Child Health Research - Professor Fiona Stanley A.C.

Project Information about Professor Fiona Stanley

Put Children First


John Flynn

ABC's Behind the News - Australians - John Flynn

Discovering Democracy - John Flynn's Biography

Heroism in Action - John Flynn

Australian Dictionary of Biography

John Flynn Private Hospital


The Royal Flying Doctor Service - The John Flynn Story

Catherine Helen Spence

Australian Dictionary of Biography

South Australian History


State Library of South Australia

Australian Workers Heritage Centre

Thiele Primary School - Catherine Helen Spence

Eva Burrows

Eva Burrows - Heroism - Stories and Biographies

General Eva Burrows

The Salvation Army - Eva Burrows


Screen Australia Digital Learning (Archive)

Sir Edward “Weary” Dunlop

Sir Edward Dunlop Medical Research Foundation - Biography Part 1

Biography Part 2

Biography Part 3

ABC's Behind the News - Australians - Edward Dunlop

Top Achievers - Edward Dunlop

Sir Edward 'Weary' Dunlop Benalla Memorial

National Archives of Australia - Edward Dunlop


Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial - People Profiles


Words over Action for a Weary soldier

Group 8:

Caroline Chisholm

Australian Dictionary of Biography

ABC - Schools

Australian Government - Civics and Citizenship


Caroline Chisholm - The Emigrant's Friend

Caroline Chisholm Education Foundation

David Bussau

Australian of the Year 2008

George Negus Tonight

David Bussau

Opportunity International - Australia

Warrane College


Sir Gustav Nossal

Encyclopedia of Australian Science

Leadership for Women - Interview with Sir Gustav Nossal


University of Sydney


Walter + Eliza Hall - Institute of Medical Research

Virology Down Under

Talking Heads

Professor Graeme Clark

The Prime Minister's Prize for Science

Graeme Clark Oration - About Graeme Clark

Graeme Clark (PDF 82 pages - extensive information)

Conversations with Richard Fidler - audio of Graeme Clark


La Trobe University


Mary Gilmore

Australian Dictionary of Biography - Dame Mary Jean Gilmore

Reserve Bank of Australia

Civics and Citizenship


The Australian Women's Register



Poems and Poetry


Stanmore Public School - History 


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