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Want a WebQuest Made?

You might have a great idea for a WebQuest that is unique but you don't want to create a WebQuest yourself! WebQuest Direct can make this WebQuest for you!

Tell us about this unique idea and we will see if enough teachers want a WebQuest on this topic. If they do, we will create this WebQuest and host it on our server.


WebQuest Direct can make WebQuests for you or your school!

WebQuest Direct is a web design company specialising in online educational resources and web sites. As such, we can offer you the best in web design and educational experience. Here are some examples of our WebQuests:

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Contact us if you would like a WebQuest made for you!
Email: info@WebQuestdirect.com.au

Currently, WebQuest Direct is working with the University of Canberra, Australia
to mentor University Education students
to create Australian WebQuests.

Frances Moore, Managing Director of WebQuest Direct, would like to hear from any Australian University that would be interested in developing Australian WebQuests and require some assistance.

WebQuest Direct would host any WebQuests made by University students on our server.

WebQuest Direct will be working  with the Gifted and Talented students of Macquarie Fields High School, NSW in 2003 to examine and create WebQuests for Taylor Primary School, ACT (on "Philosophy for Children") with University students supervising and mentoring.

If any other school would like to be part of this project, please contact Frances: info@webquestdirect.com.au

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