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telescope.jpg (8623 bytes) What is a WebQuest?
bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Discovering WebQuests
- Concise information about WebQuests for each level of schooling up to high school.
- Lists the advantages of using WebQuests and provides information on classroom management when using technology.

Author: Project TEACH C21, USA

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Keeping Your Cutting Edge: Methodology and Research to Take to Your Classroom
- General information about WebQuests, non-web based WebQuests and their application.
- Contains links to a collection of WebQuests for all levels of education.

Author: Glencoe McGraw-Hill Online

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Learning Using the Web
- An extensive directory of information about WebQuests and online research modules.
- Includes a collection of Australian WebQuests and other web-based learning material.

Author: Jackie Miers, Aussie School House

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Mine the Internet: WebQuests
- Provides resources and training material to assist teachers with creating and adding WebQuests to their teaching strategies.

Author: Quebec English Schools Network, Canada

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Specialized Search Engines and Directories
- A selective list of materials that may be useful as resources in a WebQuest.
- All of the listed links lead to sites that contain specific information that may not turn up when performing a general search on the Web using Altavista, Yahoo, and other search engines and directories.

Author: Bernie Dodge

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) The WebQuest Page
- An extensive collection of resources and examples of WebQuests.
- Includes FAQs, training material and hosts an online community for educators.

Author: Bernie Dodge

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Using a WebQuest in Your Classroom
- Extensive information for incorporating WebQuests into the classroom and evaluating them.
- Lists online collections of WebQuests.

Author: Memphis City Schools, USA

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) WebQuests
- General information on WebQuests including methods for creating and applying WebQuests effectively.
- The benefits of using WebQuests and its relation to Constructivist Theory (J Bruner).
- Links to example WebQuests for all schooling levels by Bernie Dodge.

Author: Helen Ball Elementary, USA

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) WebQuests: General Information
- General information on the nature and structure of WebQuests, the process of creating them and the benefits of using them.
- Includes suggestions for classroom management when using WebQuests.

Author: NSW Department of Education and Training

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) WebQuests: Internet Curriculum Projects
- Information to assist teachers in the process of evaluating, designing and applying WebQuests to best suit the needs of their students.
- Provides explicit instructions on how to use templates for creating WebQuests.

Author: Bellevue School District, USA

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) WebQuests: What are they?
- General information on WebQuests including a graphic organiser of the steps involved in WebQuest design.
- States key reasons for implementing WebQuests.
- Links to WebQuest templates, tutorials, rubrics and other related information.

Author: Ecole Whitehorse Elementary, Canada

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) WebQuests: What are they?
- Defines the attributes of a WebQuest and the process of creating and customising a WebQuest.
- Provides links to examples developed by Bernie Dodge and Tom March.

Author: Carmen L Gonzales, New Mexico State University

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) A Brief Summary of WebQuests
- A concise summery of WebQuests, its components and the process of creating them.
- Displays links to other information resources and examples.

Author: Ken Meyers, Dublin Elementary

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Introduction to WebQuests
- A brief introduction to WebQuests, the main characteristics and its application in the educational system.
- Provides links to examples, information directories, projects and activities.

Author: Fina Denia

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Teacher Resources: WebQuests
- An extensively informative online resource for teachers which provides lesson plans, standards and information on workshops.
- Contains links to WebQuests on popular topics.

Author: Iowa Public Television, USA

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) WebQuests: What is it and How can I do it?
- Explains the origin and nature of WebQuests and how it differs from an Internet Lab.
- Lists the six components of a WebQuest and a suggested method of implementing them.
- Provides links to sample WebQuest sites and tips for effective WebQuest design.

Author: Darci J Harland
bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) WebQuests@Work
- An extensive resource on the structure of WebQuests, where to find them and how to use them effectively as a teaching tool.
- Links to WebQuest examples and other resources.

Author: Gwyneth A Jones

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) What is a WebQuest?
- A brief guide to WebQuests, how to create them and the benefits of incorporating them into the curriculum.
- Includes links to examples and related information.

Author: Chesapeake Public Schools, USA

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) A Clearinghouse of Resources on WebQuests
- An index of background information, development tools and successful examples of WebQuests.

Author: Ray Doiron, University of Prince Edward Island

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Building Blocks of a WebQuest
- Provides a detailed description of the six components of a WebQuest: Introduction, Task,    Process, Resources Evaluation and Conclusion.
- Includes a teacher resource page.

Author: San Diego City Schools, USA

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Destination: WebQuest
- Provides general information about WebQuests, how to create them and its applications.
- Provides examples, professional opinions and other related online resources.

Author: Indian Hill School District, USA

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) Using WebQuests to Develop Higher Order Thinking Skills
- A brief article emphasising how WebQuests can be used to assist with the development of  higher order thinking skills.

Author: Jeannie Heacock, Los Almos Middle School

bluebullet.gif (208 bytes) WebQuests: A Strategy for Scaffolding Higher Level Learning
- Extracts from a presentation made by Bernie Dodge at the National Educational Computing Conference.
- Provides a concise definition of a WebQuest, links to examples and related sites.

Author: Bernie Dodge


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