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There are many reasons to subscribe to WebQuest Direct!

Member Teachers and Schools benefit by

  • receiving a monthly email newsletter containing
    • the best 10 Webquests found and reviewed that month
    • 10 K - 12 Educational sites with lesson plans, ideas, points of interest
  • having access to the Directory with thousands of webquests and therefore more resources!
  • having a team of teachers at WebQuest Direct, only an email away,  who will search for webquests on a particular topic (if that topic is not on the Directory yet) and report back to the individual teacher of the results
  • having access to a team of teachers who have skills and knowledge about Webquests and can offer advice and suggestions to individual teachers or schools
  • having access to a team of teachers experienced in presenting Professional Development Training in
    • Information Communications Technologies (ICT)
    • WebQuests and the Secondary Classroom
    • WebQuests and the Primary Classroom
    • Implementation of WebQuests within the Classroom - Primary and Secondary
  • being included in developing specific Webquests for Member Teachers and Schools


WebQuest Direct Features

WebQuest Direct Features

Rating System
Explains the star based rating system and the type of WebQuests that correspond to a particular star value (from 1/2 to 5 stars).

Description Criteria
The description explains the guiding questions that the WebQuest Direct Team uses to give teachers the best idea about what is in each webquest

What are the Key Learning Areas/Subjects covered?
Lists the Key Learning Areas (KLA) or Subjects and the associated areas eg. Science - Geology, Biology, Chemistry, etc addressed by WebQuests in the Directory.

This lists Australian, American, Canadian and English Key Learning Areas

Search Example
An actual search of the database displaying the results of a WebQuest Direct Search
Information about the Monthly WebQuest Direct Newsletter
"Find a WebQuest Please!" Service
Information about receiving assistance for locating WebQuests for topics that are presently unavailable on the WebQuest Direct Directory
Teacher Benefits
Information about the benefits of using WebQuests from a Teacher's perspective.

Subscription Information
Information on how to subscribe and the privileges received upon membership.

Subscription Form
Link to Subscription Form

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