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Teacher Benefits

WebQuest Direct's Team of Teachers has done all the searching and analysing of webquests for you!

We have

  • searched the Internet for webquests
  • categorised them into Subject Areas - Key Learning Areas (KLAs)
  • categorised them into Topics
  • categorised them into Year groups
  • given them an Educational Rating and a description of the tasks involved

All you need to do is type in your topic or subject and press submit!
All the webquests within that topic or subject will come up in order of rating (top rating first) and then you can choose which webquest to use within your classroom.

Using WebQuest Direct 

  • Saves teachers time and effort in trying to find a webquest suitable to their classroom as all webquests on
    WebQuest Direct are reviewed by a team of teachers and given a rating based on higher order thinking skills
    (Bloom's Taxonomy).  
  • Allows teachers to see at a glance the quality of the webquest through the rating system
  • Allows teachers to see at a glance the content of the webquest through the Educational description of the tasks and the Year/Grade suitability
  • Gives teachers new resources each week via email. These resources include 10 Educational sites listing lesson plans, ideas and other resources as well as the 10 best WebQuests reviewed that week.

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