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This is what you get when you subscribe to WebQuest Direct....

  • Access to the world's largest searchable directory of reviewed Webquests is by annual subscription.
  • Each webquest is reviewed by teachers or teacher-librarians with strict guidelines to ensure quality reviews
    (our reviews from January 2001 - July 2001 are currently being re-reviewed because during that time the emphasis was from a student's perspective rather than the teacher's perspective)
  • Webquests all in one place, for all Year/Grade levels, for all Subject areas (Key Learning Areas - KLAs) including Interdisciplinary units, from different parts of the world especially Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the USA.
  • Ready-made resources from individual lessons to long term units, made by teachers, that will save you valuable preparation time
  • Our team of teacher reviewers had done all the searching for you saving time and effort
  • Each webquest is categorised into
    • Topic
    • URL - web address
    • Country of Origin - Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, UK, USA and others
    • Subject Area(s) or Key Learning Areas
    • Year Group - Primary, Middle, Secondary, University, Teachers, Parents, Others
    • a Rating based on higher order thinking skills
    • a Description of the task(s), roles, pre-requisites, resource links availability, which Year level it was designed for, reading level or complexity, and assessment


    Example of Search Results - click on the link to get a great idea of the search function.

    Resources that have been reviewed and rated so you can easily search for the topic or subject area you want

    There are also webquests for Librarians, Teachers and Parents listed in the Directory.


  • Each month an email newsletter comes to the contact person's email. This newsletter contains the 10 best webquests reviewed that month and 10 reviewed educational sites. This is over 450 webquests and educational sites each year!
  • "Find a Webquest Please" Service
    If you are looking for a particular topic and you can't find it on our directory, contact us and we will do our best to find it on the Internet. We will contact you with our results. Any web quests found this way will be featured in our newsletters.
    Only Member schools have access to the WebQuest Direct Team and this service. 

Easy to Use

The WebQuest Directory has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, while still providing many powerful Search features.

As well as searching for a specific webquest we also offer the ability to Browse for a broader look at the webquests in our directory.

Once you have completed a search or browse, the directory will provide you with a list of the reviewed webquests.

Sign up today for this great service

Once we have received the subscription fee, each school will be given their own ID and Password to be used by all the teachers at your school. The teachers can access this web site 24 hours a day and all year. At the end of subscription year, the school will be given a reminder to re-subscribe.

Contact: info@webquestdirect.com.au

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