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Rating System

Each webquest is given a 5 star rating, when reviewed, based on the content of higher order thinking skills present.

star_half.gif (531 bytes) - star_full.gif (532 bytes) 0.5 - 1 STAR - A result of that is not a webquest, nor very useful as an activitiy.  The resources may be useful and there may also be an interesting idea but no follow through.

star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_half.gif (531 bytes) - star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes) 1.5 - 2 STARS - An activity that is of some use in researching information or to inspire students/teachers to create something from this idea.  There should also be some interesting links to work with.

star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_half.gif (531 bytes) 2.5 STARS - This is the maximum rating given to a "research assignment" .  Although it may have webquest in the title, on reviewing the page, it does not enable students to extend themselves as critical thinkers nor does it give students opportunities to apply their knowledge/skills to real-life situations.

star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes) - star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_half.gif (531 bytes) 3 - 3.5 STARS - A webquest of good standard is given these ratings.  It contains all key components of a webquest with room for further development.  A 3 star webquest (upwards) will often divide classes into groups and provide roles for students to assume. These roles are usually antagonistic which promotes lively discussion and debate amongst the group. Sometimes in a three star webquest these roles are still collecting data but they might ask students to do some activity that stimulates some higher order thinking.

star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes) - star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_half.gif (531 bytes) 4 - 4.5 STARS - A webquest of this standard contains an interesting idea and great activities. It prompts students to critically reflect on the subject.  Higher order thinking skills are promoted: analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes)star_full.gif (532 bytes) 5 - A Result with a five is outstanding in addressing all aspects of a webquest and is innovative. 

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